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Getting Out of Dodge-Phase I

When the Spring thaw hits, I’m outta here!  There are a few stars that need to line up in order for that to happen, but I’m confident they will. The first one being,  I’ll need to move out of my rented loft in the West Village two months early.  I don’t anticipate that being a huge problem since it’s a rockin apartment and I’m hoping some twenty year old Russian model or trendy media buyer will be happy to fork out a tidy sum to live in what many consider NYC’s most happening  hood

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Sunset Over The Hudson

Beautiful Hudson River Sunset

A Beautiful Winter Sunday at Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn

My father once said that every generation thinks their time on earth is the best and the longer you stick around the more you become nostalgic for simpler times gone by. Times when you would call a company and a person would be on the other end, or when you could press 0 on your phone and an operator would answer, a time when if you wanted to talk to someone you went and visited them, a time when you would go to a local store and know the shopkeeper by name, a time when you knew everyone in your neighborhood.  I think it’s natural for each generation to lament times that have passed.  Those times when they were younger, when everything seemed easier, slower, more personal and less expensive.  I remember I’d laugh or roll my eyes as a kid when my grandparents would talk about how you could buy this for a nickel and ride the subway for a dime.  Wow would they be shell-shocked today!  I was at the Angelika Film Center yesterday and I ordered a soy latte.  The girl behind the counter said “$6.25 please”.  As a New Yorker you get used to being charged outrageous sums of money for things but every once in a while it hits you and you think “Really, are you kidding”?  $6.25 for a cup of coffee with some soy milk in it! In all fairness it was a large latte. Continue reading

The Journey Home

Sometimes the most meaningful encounters are the ones that happen unexpectedly, especially if you pay attention to them when they do happen.  I had  quite a few of these unexpected encounters over the past  several weeks travelling around England and New Mexico, but I thought I would focus on just the ones that touched me  the last day of my trip on my journey home.

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